Kaspersky Internet Security Review

For a long time I tried various antivirus and internet security programs on my own and on clients’ computers. I’ve tried AVG, Norton, Microsoft Security Essentials, PC Doctor Antivirus, and several others. I currently use Kaspersky Internet Security on all of my computers and have done so for a few years. I own the 3 pc subscription and use it on my laptop, home desktop, and work desktop. I was drawn to Kaspersky by a comparison done a while back that drew the conclusion that Kaspersky performed better than any other packages in detecting new threats (heuristics).

As most infections occur in the short time between a threat being released into the internet and a patch being pushed out by the security companies, I decided I would pick the package that best protected me during that critical window. I’ve been very pleased by the method of updating that Kaspersky uses. It updates several times a day but it doesn’t suck up my bandwidth. The updates tend to be incremental and don’t tax my system. The firewall rarely gets in my way and is very easy to configure. The various protection services that are provided are easy to disable if I need to do so. Kaspersky is one of those companies that never stops improving its products. I’ve seen the software grow and develop in the time that I’ve used it. The protection software I’m using now has more features than the one I bought. They are clearly working hard to keep up with the changing landscape that is the internet and are finding new ways to protect their customers that we don’t even know are necessary.

You can even install and try it out for a while if you aren’t sure that you want to commit the money right away.

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Whatever you do, whoever you go with, always install some sort of internet security suite if you are going to be connecting to the internet. Always keep it updated too (although I’ve never had to bug Kaspersky to do that).

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