Volume leveling on YouTube and Hulu

Is it just me or is everyone else sick of turning the volume up on a video so that you can hear the dialogue only to have a commercial or the next video in a playlist blast your kids and neighbors with the latest new car feature while you fumble for the volume level control? YouTube goes to all the trouble of converting your video into a dozen different sizes to fit your screen but leaves the audio untouched.

So you don’t want to scare away your users by modifying their precious home made videos? Fine, then volume level the ads that you run to match the volume of the current clip. You could even offer it as a paid option to your advertisers because if they don’t know how to do it properly then they would have to pay someone to do it. Right now there is no point in advertisers trying to hit a particular volume level because there isn’t a target to hit. Users are submitting their videos with widely ranging average volumes and high highs and low lows.

Give uploaders and advertisers the opt-out of volume leveling but apply it by default. Publish what the target volume or volume range should be. Give users a heads up if the next video is going to be significantly louder in the next 5 seconds. Pulse the volume controls or something. Maybe only do it when the client’s time is after 8pm. Something has to be done. How has the industry not figured this out yet. How have advertisers and users not demanded this yet? Their commercials are jarring people out of an enjoyable experience and I know that is not what they mean to be paying for. It is so doable and yet such an unexplored practice.

A comment? For me? Do tell!

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