Test Browser Compatibility With Adobe BrowserLab

I was updating a customer’s website to use HTML5 video instead of flash with Flowplayer and was wondering how well an older browser would display the new markup. I opened up Adobe BrowserLab and pointed it at my client’s testimonials page.¬†When the screenshot of IE7 on Windows came up without any video thumbnails, I was disappointed. Then I became suspicious that the screenshot was not accurate and tried the IE9 on Windows screenshot. Turns out that when you compare the real screenshot of IE9 on Windows to Adobe BrowserLab’s screenshot, BrowserLab isn’t properly rendering the videos.

Real IE9 on Windows

BrowserLab IE9 on Windows (with 20 second wait)

BrowserLab is a great tool for previewing what your website will look like in a different browser on a different platform but it isn’t a replacement for actual testing.

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