Publisher 2010 PDF color bug

I had a fun run-in with a client recently involving Microsoft Publisher 2010. She was trying to produce a PDF for distribution to her clients that had some critical PDF color coding that her clients needed. Every time she exported a PDF from Publisher, the PDF came out with color images but grayscale text. This was of course driving her nuts. It drove me nuts too until I did some Googling and discovered that for some reason Publisher 2010 will not produce color text in a PDF if your Windows default printer is not a color printer. It doesn’t matter what printer is currently selected as the default in Publisher. With that tidbit in my belt I went ahead and installed PrimoPDF for her and commiserated with her as I showed her how to work around this yet-to-be-patched bug. Now she “prints” her PDF instead of exporting it. As far as she was concerned, that was just as odd of a workaround as modifying the default printer every time she wanted a color PDF. At first when I told her she would be “printing” her PDF she thought it odd that she would need to produce a print of paper just to get a digital PDF.

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