First!1! and Verizon enables free tethering and hotspots!

My first blog entry. How exciting! What to talk about. I’ve made a list of things that have been jumbling about and suppose I should start with something time sensitive like this story about Verizon before it is all too irrelevant.

A friend dropped in on me a while back and asked me how to turn his phone into a WiFi hotspot for free. He wasn’t interested in paying Verizon a chunk of change to share his data plan with his laptop. I turned him onto PdaNet (which has been awesome for me) and then installed the third party app that they require to make that feature work. Turns out that the “WiFi Hotspot Mode” doesn’t work on my HTC Thunderbolt. It installed just fine on his phone so he left all smiles knowing he was beating the system all thanks to his resourceful nerdy friend. His resourceful nerdy friend thanks PdaNet in turn for being awesome and there for him from the beginning.

Well fast-forward about a year and my friend came back through town and updated me with GREAT news. Verizon had its hand slapped by the FCC for charging for the tethering and WIFI hotspot features. They made a bundle for a few years and were charged a pittance by the FCC for the bullying of their customers. Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Verizon. I was with Sprint for 5 awful years and I know how grateful I am to Verizon for being nothing like Sprint. I was a bit disappointed though when Verizon started charging for the hotspot feature a few months after I got my phone. Having it back will be handy here and there. So if you are one of the ones who is behind the curve like I was, if you have a data plan, you can use your phone as a hotspot as long as the phone’s software supports it. It still costs you data but it doesn’t cost extra dollars.



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